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Flavors to Savor

Variety Pack A guaranteed mix of at least three flavors of Critter Crackers in every container!

Appleberry Delight A sweet and tangy mix of fresh apples and organic berries.

Baby Carrots Every bunny's favorite, a carrot- filled treat sure to tempt their tastebuds!

Celery Chompers Crunchy celery mixed with every bite!

Minty Fresh Bad breath? Try this combination of Parsley and Mint to sweeten that stink!

Mashed Banana Bunnies cannot resist the taste and smell of bananas, and I bet your other critters can't either!

Oatmeal Cookie A basic cookie, filled with oatmeal-y goodness.

Parsley Nips Greens in cookie form, and a taste your critter will love!